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grooming video

Price includes shipping and handling

US and territories
(except Washington state)...........$34.95

US Washington state....................$37.96

International (non-US)..................$49.95

Learn to groom your Miniature Schnauzer the correct way!!

A grooming DVD for your Miniature Schnauzer pet!  75 minutes of grooming instruction presented by top-winning show groomer and Miniature Schnauzer breeder Patty Ledgerwood.  Professional videography by LightCurve, LLC features beautiful close-up shots and a menu-driven DVD format that takes you through the following subjects:
 - Equipment
 - Brushing and Bathing
 - Drying
 - Clipping the Coat
 - Grooming Cropped Ears
 - Grooming Natural Ears
 - Clipping Between the Pads
 - Grooming the Male
 - Scissoring
 - Fine Tuning the Groom
 - Nail Trimming
 - Teeth Cleaning
 - Conclusion
 - Credit and Outtakes

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Price includes shipping and handling and is $34.95 to US customers;  8.6% tax for WA customers, $37.96 total;  $49.95 for International customers.

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The video does not cover stripping the coat nor does it come in any other format.
Questions? email: mack@legacyms.com
or call 509-544-9350

Customer comments (not a single complaint after seven+ years):

     "I cannot express enough gratitude for your grooming DVD. Not only did it give me the confidence and knowledge to groom my own dogs, I believe it added another dimension to our relationship (me and my dogs) .  Brushing and bathing are one thing but the trust and love that goes into grooming my dogs properly really is rewarding."  .......Bonnie - Barrington, IL
     "I received your DVD a few days ago. I want to thank you. It is wonderful, the best grooming DVD ever. It is so clear and easy to understand, you are an excellent instructor and it was an absolute pleasure to watch.  Thank you both again!" .......Hanna - Perth, Australia

     "I purchased your miniature schnauzer grooming video a few weeks ago.  I finished grooming my miniature schnauzer for the first time about an hour ago, and I could not have done it without using the DVD as a guide.  I'm still in awe on how well I did.  I even did better than the professional groomers here in town.  Thank you again for making such a great DVD."......Stephen - Mena, AR
     "I just received my DVD and couldn't wait to view it. It just doesn't get any better than this, you are a fabulous instructor! I learned so much and can't wait to put what I learned into practice. This DVD is a wealth of information! Thank you so much!"......Teresa - Tonopah, NV

     "I received the DVD today and immediately viewed it. I have to tell you; this is the best Grooming Video I have ever seen. I have several which I ordered on line as well as from other Miniature Schnauzer Clubs videos on grooming. Yours is far the best. Very clear and professionally done. Patty was not intimidating at all. She was encouraging and a great instructor. Thanks so much."......Jeff - Redwood City, CA

     "I just finished viewing the grooming DVD for the THIRD time!!!  WOW....it's wonderful!!! Thanks so much for all the time and effort into putting it together, as it not only gives fabulous information to allow anyone to learn to groom their schnauzer, but it is also done so professionally and is an absolute pleasure to watch.  My husband, who doesn't even want to know how to groom a dog, sat and watched every single moment and he loved it!!!  We both loved the out takes at the end!!!! ......Mary - Decatur, AL

     "Just a note to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the "Grooming Your Miniature Schnauzer" tutorial video. It is a professionally produced product and is completely understandable to the beginner, the novice and the professional. It is heads above the competitors."......Marvin - Crowley, TX 

    "Hello....I have ordered and received the Grooming Video and it is wonderful. I watched it over and over before attempting to groom Fletcher, my Miniature Schnauzer. For my first time, I was pleased with the results and was proud of Fletcher for being so patient with me as I clipped then watched the video, paused the video, clipped again, etc."......Julia - Vinton, VA

     "Thanks for such a nice video! I loved the "outtakes" ....very entertaining!"  ......Pam - Hines, OR

      "My husband and I received Patty's video "Grooming Your Miniature Schnauzer" and just wanted to thank you. What a fabulous video! SO clear and easy to understand instructions.  I was really concerned that buying a grooming video might be a waste of money but yours was worth every penny. I won't need to buy another video because Patty's covered everything I need to know to groom my dogs."......Joy - Sherwood, AR

     "I just received (and watched) the grooming DVD and I just wanted to tell you thank you! It answered all of my questions by showing me exactly what I needed to see. This DVD is wonderful!"......Sherece - Suffolk, VA

     "I watched your DVD over the weekend.  It is GREAT!!!  Thank you for making it.  I have learned a lot from the DVD."......Susan - Altamonte Springs, FL

     "Received the grooming video that was excellent. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together. I learned things I've never read or seen before. I am strictly an owner but love to groom these pets! It's my relaxation session."......Rosemary - Cherry Hill, NJ

     "I received the CD several days ago.  It is wonderful.  We currently have two schnauzers (sisters), but have enjoyed the breed for over 20 years.  I have always done their grooming.  This CD told me things I was not aware of.  It gave me a starting point or point of reference as to where to begin the clipping.  My dogs look wonderful.  I could not be happier."......Barb - Delta, PA

     "I want to thank you for making such a great DVD on grooming!  I recently purchased your DVD and today for the first time I groomed my 1 1/2 year old miniature schnauzer, Bailey.  For my first time, it went much better than I expected--it really helped me because I knew my breeder had done a lot of work and training with Bailey before I got her, but I was happy to find out that she behaved just as well as Zoe did in your DVD. ......Linda - Yucaipa, CA

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