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Frequently Asked Questions asked about common doggy problems

We're often asked to provide advice for problems that owners encounter with their canine companions. Here is a list of the most common, and the corresponding solutions we think are appropriate. Most of these are links to specific pages of other web sites, such as the Dog Owner's Guide (see "Links" section).

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Aggression How do I deal with my new dog's growling and aggressive behavior?
Biting My puppy's a biter - what can I do to prevent him from hurting someone?
Choosing a Breed How do I know which breed is right for me?
Dog Crates Why would people want to keep their dogs in crates?
Finding a Responsible Breeder How would you find out where the good breeders are?
Fleas and Ticks Can I ever get rid of these ?*&!*X bugs?
Genetic Problems Now you tell me about this bad inheritance stuff!!
Good Manners at the Vet's/Groomer's Office Good grief! How can I get Rover to behave at the vet's?
Housetraining Guess what the most common question is?
The Meaning of AKC Registration My dog is registered. Doesn't that mean he's a quality purebred?
Microchips What can I do to help locate my dog when he gets lost?
Obesity My dog isn't fat - he's just a healthy, growing kid who needs those snacks!
Puppy Chewing This pup has gotta go - he's ruining the furniture!

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